Rum and Real Estate, Episode 14: Pyrat Rum and Poll Results – Carpet or Laminate Flooring?

I did a 24 hour poll asking my followers this question: For a $180,000 to $220,000 home, which new flooring would you prefer – carpet or laminate wood flooring? I discuss the results while sipping rum – what else?

This week’s – Pyrat XO Reserve. ***This rum has no official website, as it is a product from Patron, fascinatingly enough. The link takes you to a good review of the rum***

My wifi was wonky at the beginning of the video. I’ll have it corrected next week!

Thanks for watching!

Rum and Real Estate – Episode 10

Low interest rates are making many clients consider a refinance. How, when and under what circumstances should you refinance? I offer some tips and rules of thumb on how to think about whether a refinance is right for you. It’s not just about the interest rate.

Rum of the day: Botran Aged Rum from Guatemala!

Stay Positive and Love Your Life,

David Madaffari, Realtor