Rum and Real Estate, Episode 14: Pyrat Rum and Poll Results – Carpet or Laminate Flooring?

I did a 24 hour poll asking my followers this question: For a $180,000 to $220,000 home, which new flooring would you prefer – carpet or laminate wood flooring? I discuss the results while sipping rum – what else?

This week’s – Pyrat XO Reserve. ***This rum has no official website, as it is a product from Patron, fascinatingly enough. The link takes you to a good review of the rum***

My wifi was wonky at the beginning of the video. I’ll have it corrected next week!

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LSU Condo – 3 bed/3ba Highland Estates

3 Beds, 3 Bath Condo

This is a rare 3 bedroom, 3 bath condo just outside the south gates of LSU in Highland Estates, also known as Highland Hideaway. With it’s own 2-car California style garage and back patio, this unit provides ultimate privacy to compliment the spacious downstairs living area for entertaining possibilities. All windows feature gorgeous custom plantation shutters, and each bedroom has its own private bathroom as well.

The Highland Estates condominium community also features a walking path around the lake for recreational use, a dedicated walking path to Highland Road for easy access to campus, and TWO security gates for access from the single Burbank entrance. This truly is one of the most well-appointed condo communities by LSU – large living for a terrific value.

Click here for more information!

This unit also has a view – situated right in front of the community pool overlooking the stocked lake.


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Valhalla – Baton Rouge

If y’all haven’t driven down Highland Road near Pecue lately , then you haven’t seen the GIANT drain they are installing.  This giant pipe will be the base of the brick and stone bridge leading up to the exclusive gated community Valhalla, Highland Road’s newest premier community.   Live-oak lined streets and half-acre lots are the hallmarks of this development, making it one of the more ambitious new developments along Highland Road in some time.

Lots start at $365,000 and only 10 remain.   See this brochure for more information, and then contact me for purchasing and building information!Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 1.27.17 PM.png

David Madaffari
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How I Started in Real Estate – Introduction

Every time I think about how I ended up in Real Estate, it is pretty similar to many others’ paths to this industry.  Each story can lend insight to many others who have considered a career in real estate, but just are not sure how to make the transition out of a salaried or hourly career into the wild west of a commissioned career in real estate.

This next series of articles is for that person who may be considering a career change, and perhaps learn a thing or two on what to expect, how to prepare for the change, and keeping a good mindset.   My hope is the that ultimately you will see how I moved on from being this guy….

  Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 2.52.19 PM.png
….to this guy.
Image may contain: 1 person, standing, sunglasses and indoor

Yes, life is better this way.

In the next article you will learn of the ONE thing that got me started in real estate.  And had I followed that one thing’s advice, I probably would NOT be here.  Trust me, it’ll be made clear pretty soon.

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All EBR Elementary School Maps

I never really realized just how many elementary schools East Baton Rouge has.  However, if you need a reference to the boundaries of ANY of the elementary schools, here is a great set of maps to show you exactly where they are.

EBR Elementary School District MapsScreen Shot 2017-01-24 at 11.52.34 AM.png

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I Love Stats- University Club

University Club in Baton Rouge is beautiful.  There’s really nothing else to say about it – the entire design of the development, the high quality homes, the course and member amenities make this neighborhood just about on par with the Country Club of Louisiana.   And with new filings and homes being built, there is plenty of opportunity to get into this great family friendly area.

Here are some interesting market statistics for U-Club from 2016.  These charts compare the entire MLS stats and U-Club in particular.

DOM = Days on Market
Months Supply = How many months it would take to sell the current inventory


***There were no closed sales in November and December, hence the sudden drop of DOM and Price ratios in those months. ***

U-Club definitely has a seasonal buying and selling attribute, with the Months Supply and Days on Market being somewhat in sync with the rest of the market in the summer months.   The most interesting piece is right after the flood, where suddenly a 10-month supply of homes came on the market and then quickly dissipated back to normal.  Finally, the List Price/Sale Price ratio is very tight at 98%.  This is still a strong seller’s market in not only University Club, but also the market in general.


David Madaffari

2016 Sales in Review!

2016 has been a terrific year – we sold 39 homes and over $7.3 Million in volume, making 2016 our best year to date.  I thought it would be fun to catalog every home we sold this year – listings and buyers –  and after doing so it really runs the gamut of properties.  From traditional to contemporary, new construction to “vintage” to multi-family and investment/renovation projects.   Not shown here are the lots and land sales, mainly because no one wants to look at shots of grass, trees or plat maps, lol.


And last but not least, the home we purchased for our family in Baton Rouge.

Let’s make 2017 even better!  Call me at 225-772-3283 for your home selling and buying needs.  and of course I always appreciate referrals!

– David Madaffari

First Person – Selling My Home Part 3

This “Selling My Home” series is going to go more freeform now than the narrative style I started – mainly because I have so many thoughts right now and I know many of you have probably been through this process!

Quick recap: We offer on house -> rejected.  We sell our house in a day.  Re-offer on house -> rejected again.  Re-offer a third time -> accepted.  We have a baby due July 10th.

That was all the easy part.  Our contracts have our closings set for July 22nd, which you think would be like, “Yeah we have plenty of time to have the baby and pack slowly.”  But then we started thinking well, we could get into the house before the baby comes and not be one (wo)man down in the packing process.   So we’ve been packing all the low hanging fruit around the house – things we don’t use everyday like stuff up in our closets, many of the kids’ toys, kitchen items, etc.  I had a POD delivered, but it’s been so hot that we are storing everything in what was once my music studio until probably the day before we move.  We’ve made some progress whittling down a lot of things in to boxes.

It was a swell plan until the deal on our current house was delayed.

So now, we find ourselves *wanting* to pack everything away but we can’t do it until we’re certain of an early closing date, which we don’t exactly have yet.  Talk about being in limbo! It seems that by sheer design, packing a house to move MUST be done in a hectic manner the week you are closing because you need most of your stuff until then, especially with kids around.

The cherry on top? Indications are that this baby might be early…

I knew moving was tough, but man I am no fan of it.   Statistics say that people move every 5-7 years.  I would NOT want to do this again in 5, 10 or even 20 years.  Unless I sell it all off and retire into a beach condo…


What have been your best ideas for making a move easy with children?


Timber Ridge Subdivision Denied

Considering that I’m about to move back into this area in ::looks at watch:: two weeks, I had become keenly interested in what was going to happen to this new Timber Ridge cluster development off Tiger Bend and Babin. To be fair, I’m not against development – we’re in the middle of it all the time.  It just has to be done properly and with care – it must have the look and feel of the area around it.  This subdivision would not have fit in at all and the private preservation areas being used as hunting grounds was an absurd idea.   I like shooting, but we don’t need it so close to highly populated areas.

I would welcome to see an alternative plan from Lancaster that mimics what makes Lake At White Oak so great – larger lots, custom homes, and plenty of wooded areas and lakes for fishing.  There IS a demand for half-acre lots if developers are willing to give them.

Timber Ridge Denied – WBRZ

Timber Ridge Plat that was denied at last night’s Planning Commission meeting.

Ascension Parish Planning and Zoning Commisison should take note that it is OK to deny developers when it is not in the best interests of the area as a whole.  Bravo to the BR Commission for considering residents’ concerns when making this decision.

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Lunch Break: The Salad Shop

The Salad Shop

11445 Coursey Blvd, Suite C
Baton Rouge, LA 70816

Rating: 4/5

I met one of our lender partners, Corey Kling from Supreme Lending for lunch recently, and on my suggestion of needing something healthy he suggested the Salad Shop. Now, by the name alone you would think that all this place does is specialty salads and a few wraps.

Well, you’re right.

Now, for a meat/potatoes and pizza lovin’ guy like me, the menu certainly presented a challenge to my palate. How do you build an entire restaurant concept from salad?? And yet, after looking at the myriad of incredibly fresh ingredients and an array of sauces I didn’t know even existed, the Salad Shop was the pleasant surprise of the week.

I decided to go with a Fruit Fantastico fresh wrap, in all honesty because I could hold it like a burrito even if it wasn’t going to fool my brain into thinking I was actually eating one. The ingredients on this wrap were incredible: spinach, mandarin oranges (which I LOVE) strawberries, edemame, feta cheese and toasted walnuts. And while I am not a “slop on the ranch” type of person when it comes to salad, I was delighted to see 18 different sauces on the menu that basically ran the gauntlet of flavors you could want on your greens. The recommended sauce for this wrap was raspberry walnut, so I went with their suggestion and it did not disappoint.

So you’re probably saying to yourself, “It’s a salad place, i.e. a healthy eating joint. The portions must be small as well.”


They PACKED this thing until it almost broke open. I took the other half home not because I was trying to be portion-conscious, but literally because I was full after the first half. The crisp spinach and sweet fruit complimented the walnuts and raspberry sauce so well that I completely forgot there was no traditional protein in the wrap. The feta cheese I could probably do without next time, however it did add the hint of saltiness to balance out the wrap.

I am a fan of food and bold ideas, and this one certainly fits the bill on both accounts. This was definitely a memorable experience because the surprisingly delicious food that came out of this daring concept. If you are on Coursey Blvd near lunch time and want to challenge your idea of what lunch can be, definitely stop by the Salad Shop.

David Madaffari
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