How I Started in Real Estate – Introduction

Every time I think about how I ended up in Real Estate, it is pretty similar to many others’ paths to this industry.  Each story can lend insight to many others who have considered a career in real estate, but just are not sure how to make the transition out of a salaried or hourly career into the wild west of a commissioned career in real estate.

This next series of articles is for that person who may be considering a career change, and perhaps learn a thing or two on what to expect, how to prepare for the change, and keeping a good mindset.   My hope is the that ultimately you will see how I moved on from being this guy….

  Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 2.52.19 PM.png
….to this guy.
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Yes, life is better this way.

In the next article you will learn of the ONE thing that got me started in real estate.  And had I followed that one thing’s advice, I probably would NOT be here.  Trust me, it’ll be made clear pretty soon.

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All EBR Elementary School Maps

I never really realized just how many elementary schools East Baton Rouge has.  However, if you need a reference to the boundaries of ANY of the elementary schools, here is a great set of maps to show you exactly where they are.

EBR Elementary School District MapsScreen Shot 2017-01-24 at 11.52.34 AM.png

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I Love Stats- University Club

University Club in Baton Rouge is beautiful.  There’s really nothing else to say about it – the entire design of the development, the high quality homes, the course and member amenities make this neighborhood just about on par with the Country Club of Louisiana.   And with new filings and homes being built, there is plenty of opportunity to get into this great family friendly area.

Here are some interesting market statistics for U-Club from 2016.  These charts compare the entire MLS stats and U-Club in particular.

DOM = Days on Market
Months Supply = How many months it would take to sell the current inventory


***There were no closed sales in November and December, hence the sudden drop of DOM and Price ratios in those months. ***

U-Club definitely has a seasonal buying and selling attribute, with the Months Supply and Days on Market being somewhat in sync with the rest of the market in the summer months.   The most interesting piece is right after the flood, where suddenly a 10-month supply of homes came on the market and then quickly dissipated back to normal.  Finally, the List Price/Sale Price ratio is very tight at 98%.  This is still a strong seller’s market in not only University Club, but also the market in general.


David Madaffari

Battle Over CFPB About to get Interesting

The National Real Estate Post’s topics are always so interesting and fascinating that when they are good I must share them, like the one yesterday about Section 8 housing. Today, there is a classic partisan battle brewing over the direction and possibly the entire existence of the Consumer Financial Protection Board.  Make no mistake, I have never been in favor of this agency, mainly because (even as stated in the video) the U.S. has a plethora of financial oversight agencies – why the need for another?  Especially one that is solely funded by fines?

The average consumer probably has no idea about this agency and how it has affected their own transactions with banks and their mortgages, however my industry friends should watch.

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 9.22.39 AM.png

This will be an interesting move one way or another.

David Madaffari, Realtor

Section 8 – Fix it or Leave it?

Section 8 has always been a political football for politicians, and a debating point among working people.  The issue is simple: should those receiving government funds for housing have time limits and work requirements attached to the vouchers?

In the video below, Frank and Gary at the National Real Estate Post discuss the comments made by both outgoing HUD Director Julian Castro and incoming director Ben Carson, and the details surrounding this debate really changed my perception as to the government’s obligations with the program.

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 11.32.00 AM.png

Watch the video and give me your thoughts.  What do you think about Section 8?

David Madaffari


Pelican Point Home – $354,900

The value here is incredible – 4 bedrooms, 3 baths PLUS bonus room with 9′ ceilings , open concept living area, and a huge master closet. Large lot and yard makes this a great new home the in first filing of Pelican Point.   Hwy 44 will be a hub of activity in the coming years, so get into this home now and have a prime spot in the middle of it all.

6300 Beau Douglas Ave
Pelican Point Golf Community


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