Why Would They Do That?? Building Headscratchers

When buying an older home (30+ years) there is a certain amount of relative oddities you should expect when you compare them to today’s building standards.   Things that were trendy in 1986 might not be so trendy today, however with the proper vision you can turn those things into something really unique to call your own.

No matter how many times you see an old home before buying, you’ll always find fascinating things that either the builder or previous owner did that make you scratch your head.  Here are a few from the house my wife and I just bought that made me go, “Why would they do that??”


You don’t notice it until you use this shower, but the shower head aims right at the door – a recipe of water escaping.  The drain? In the bottom right corner of the shower rather than in the center.



The old-style metal weatherstripping is installed OVER the hinge, preventing any attempt to re-align the door without pulling the whole strip out.  I left it as is since we’ll be removing the door anyway, just a little strange.


Seller said they bought the house with this hole in it 5 years ago…so they tried to DUCT TAPE the sheet rock back up rather than spend a few bucks to fix it properly.  They do not know why it was even there.  How does this not pique a slight interest in what was going on?

None of these things are major issues with proper knowledge and planning.   As we find similar oddities I’ll write more “Why Would They Do That?” posts.

– David

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Lots are Smallest on Record

I had been saying this for awhile, I should have known there was an entity somewhere that was tracking this empirically.   Eyeonhousing.org has charts and information showing that the median lot size in the US is 1/5th of an acre.   The one thing that controls EVERYTHING in real estate – location, and therefore the earth it sits on  – is getting pretty expensive to develop.

Lot Sizes in 2015 are smallest on record

What are your thoughts on the shrinking of lots, and yet home prices are rising?

David Madaffari