First Person – Selling My Home Part 3

This “Selling My Home” series is going to go more freeform now than the narrative style I started – mainly because I have so many thoughts right now and I know many of you have probably been through this process!

Quick recap: We offer on house -> rejected.  We sell our house in a day.  Re-offer on house -> rejected again.  Re-offer a third time -> accepted.  We have a baby due July 10th.

That was all the easy part.  Our contracts have our closings set for July 22nd, which you think would be like, “Yeah we have plenty of time to have the baby and pack slowly.”  But then we started thinking well, we could get into the house before the baby comes and not be one (wo)man down in the packing process.   So we’ve been packing all the low hanging fruit around the house – things we don’t use everyday like stuff up in our closets, many of the kids’ toys, kitchen items, etc.  I had a POD delivered, but it’s been so hot that we are storing everything in what was once my music studio until probably the day before we move.  We’ve made some progress whittling down a lot of things in to boxes.

It was a swell plan until the deal on our current house was delayed.

So now, we find ourselves *wanting* to pack everything away but we can’t do it until we’re certain of an early closing date, which we don’t exactly have yet.  Talk about being in limbo! It seems that by sheer design, packing a house to move MUST be done in a hectic manner the week you are closing because you need most of your stuff until then, especially with kids around.

The cherry on top? Indications are that this baby might be early…

I knew moving was tough, but man I am no fan of it.   Statistics say that people move every 5-7 years.  I would NOT want to do this again in 5, 10 or even 20 years.  Unless I sell it all off and retire into a beach condo…


What have been your best ideas for making a move easy with children?


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