Lunch Break: Sliders Sports Grill

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

One thing Prairieville has been missing is a legit, casual sports bar.   You can watch sports at any restaurant, but if you ask anyone around here the best place to watch sports and get good food you would have a hard time getting a consensus answer. Sliders Sports Grill, opened in April 2016 in Ultima Plaza in Prairieville may finally change that perception.

The baseball-themed decor and design of the building is neat and immediately helps the establishment stand apart.  There are plenty of TVs in all directions, especially in the bar area that is situated in the center of the restaurant.  I enjoyed the brick half-walls with the Sliders Sports Grill logo etched etched in glass in the walls – details that took a little more thought an execution but work effectively.  But what about the food?

Appetizer: Chicken wings – This was your typical pub style jumbo chicken wing.  The skin was crispy but did not have a ton of flavor on their own.  The BBQ sauce provided tasted more or less like an out-of-the bottle sauce. If there is an in-house special “home run” sauce I would certainly like to try it.  These wings would be good if you just want something to munch on late at night watching sports and having a drink and yet there are several other appetizers I would like to try the next time I go.

Entree: Cowboy Burger – First and foremost, I asked for medium rare and got it, something a lot of burger places can’t seem to get right.  It came on a big buttery bun with bacon, red onions and BBQ sauce (same as the wings).   This was a flavorful burger that was satisfying, and I went home with leftovers making it a great value (Did I mention they cooked it right??).  However the best part of my experience was the homestyle fries.

Now I’m not sure how to exactly describe the fries to help readers discern the difference in these – there are only so many ways to fry up potato sticks.  Whatever they did to get the light, flaky-but-crispy texture and seasoning on these fries, they were dynamite.  If I was watching games and had a choice between the wings or a basket of fries, I would go with the fries. Twice.

For anyone looking for a landing spot to watch sports in Prairieville, we finally have it here at Sliders Sports Grill.  Atmosphere, accessibility, good food and a very upbeat and friendly waitstaff made my lunch enjoyable.  The free WiFi helped me stay productive during my lunch break and the location makes it hard to miss.  I hope they stick around for awhile – college football season is coming up!

 – David Madaffari





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