First Person – Selling My Home Part 3

This “Selling My Home” series is going to go more freeform now than the narrative style I started – mainly because I have so many thoughts right now and I know many of you have probably been through this process!

Quick recap: We offer on house -> rejected.  We sell our house in a day.  Re-offer on house -> rejected again.  Re-offer a third time -> accepted.  We have a baby due July 10th.

That was all the easy part.  Our contracts have our closings set for July 22nd, which you think would be like, “Yeah we have plenty of time to have the baby and pack slowly.”  But then we started thinking well, we could get into the house before the baby comes and not be one (wo)man down in the packing process.   So we’ve been packing all the low hanging fruit around the house – things we don’t use everyday like stuff up in our closets, many of the kids’ toys, kitchen items, etc.  I had a POD delivered, but it’s been so hot that we are storing everything in what was once my music studio until probably the day before we move.  We’ve made some progress whittling down a lot of things in to boxes.

It was a swell plan until the deal on our current house was delayed.

So now, we find ourselves *wanting* to pack everything away but we can’t do it until we’re certain of an early closing date, which we don’t exactly have yet.  Talk about being in limbo! It seems that by sheer design, packing a house to move MUST be done in a hectic manner the week you are closing because you need most of your stuff until then, especially with kids around.

The cherry on top? Indications are that this baby might be early…

I knew moving was tough, but man I am no fan of it.   Statistics say that people move every 5-7 years.  I would NOT want to do this again in 5, 10 or even 20 years.  Unless I sell it all off and retire into a beach condo…


What have been your best ideas for making a move easy with children?


Timber Ridge Subdivision Denied

Considering that I’m about to move back into this area in ::looks at watch:: two weeks, I had become keenly interested in what was going to happen to this new Timber Ridge cluster development off Tiger Bend and Babin. To be fair, I’m not against development – we’re in the middle of it all the time.  It just has to be done properly and with care – it must have the look and feel of the area around it.  This subdivision would not have fit in at all and the private preservation areas being used as hunting grounds was an absurd idea.   I like shooting, but we don’t need it so close to highly populated areas.

I would welcome to see an alternative plan from Lancaster that mimics what makes Lake At White Oak so great – larger lots, custom homes, and plenty of wooded areas and lakes for fishing.  There IS a demand for half-acre lots if developers are willing to give them.

Timber Ridge Denied – WBRZ

Timber Ridge Plat that was denied at last night’s Planning Commission meeting.

Ascension Parish Planning and Zoning Commisison should take note that it is OK to deny developers when it is not in the best interests of the area as a whole.  Bravo to the BR Commission for considering residents’ concerns when making this decision.

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Lunch Break: Sliders Sports Grill

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

One thing Prairieville has been missing is a legit, casual sports bar.   You can watch sports at any restaurant, but if you ask anyone around here the best place to watch sports and get good food you would have a hard time getting a consensus answer. Sliders Sports Grill, opened in April 2016 in Ultima Plaza in Prairieville may finally change that perception.

The baseball-themed decor and design of the building is neat and immediately helps the establishment stand apart.  There are plenty of TVs in all directions, especially in the bar area that is situated in the center of the restaurant.  I enjoyed the brick half-walls with the Sliders Sports Grill logo etched etched in glass in the walls – details that took a little more thought an execution but work effectively.  But what about the food?

Appetizer: Chicken wings – This was your typical pub style jumbo chicken wing.  The skin was crispy but did not have a ton of flavor on their own.  The BBQ sauce provided tasted more or less like an out-of-the bottle sauce. If there is an in-house special “home run” sauce I would certainly like to try it.  These wings would be good if you just want something to munch on late at night watching sports and having a drink and yet there are several other appetizers I would like to try the next time I go.

Entree: Cowboy Burger – First and foremost, I asked for medium rare and got it, something a lot of burger places can’t seem to get right.  It came on a big buttery bun with bacon, red onions and BBQ sauce (same as the wings).   This was a flavorful burger that was satisfying, and I went home with leftovers making it a great value (Did I mention they cooked it right??).  However the best part of my experience was the homestyle fries.

Now I’m not sure how to exactly describe the fries to help readers discern the difference in these – there are only so many ways to fry up potato sticks.  Whatever they did to get the light, flaky-but-crispy texture and seasoning on these fries, they were dynamite.  If I was watching games and had a choice between the wings or a basket of fries, I would go with the fries. Twice.

For anyone looking for a landing spot to watch sports in Prairieville, we finally have it here at Sliders Sports Grill.  Atmosphere, accessibility, good food and a very upbeat and friendly waitstaff made my lunch enjoyable.  The free WiFi helped me stay productive during my lunch break and the location makes it hard to miss.  I hope they stick around for awhile – college football season is coming up!

 – David Madaffari




Pelican Point Update – 6300 Beau Douglas Ave

Brick and siding are complete!  This floor plan has been a hit everywhere we have built it, and we added a bonus room above garage for added value! 4 bedrooms, 3 baths PLUS bonus room with 9′ ceilings above garage, semi-open concept living area, and a huge master closet.  Great lot in first filing of Pelican Point!

6300 Beau Douglas Ave
Pelican Point Golf Community


New home for sale – 6300 Beau Douglas Ave, Pelican Point in Gonzales


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First Person – Selling My Home Part 2

In the last installment of First Person – Selling My Home, I described the plan leading up to about 3 weeks ago when the house we wanted came up for sale.  Our financial preparations went according to plan, the timing however did not – and neither did the asking price of the house we wanted.

Knowledge is Power
The contemporary home had a funky layout but had everything we needed – living spaces for both adults and kids, a kitchen space that could be gutted and made amazing, 4 bedrooms with a master with a nursery and office built into it, PLUS a separate studio space for my music.   However, the price seemed high to me.  I have lived, worked and studied trends in the White Oak area – contemporary homes in particular.   We went to see it anyway, and of course the wheels start turning in our heads.   The numbers did not seem to make sense at the time – I had my own thoughts of what the price should be based on my experience with contemporary homes.  We talked about it for a week or so, knowing that we would have to sell our current home if we went for it.  And did I mention we have a baby due in July?

Several years ago a client of mine was in this same position – he liked the house but really disagreed on the asking price.  We knew negotiating it down to the proper number would be time-consuming (either directly or just waiting it out) so he had a most brilliant and common sense idea to short circuit the process – get an appraisal.

Lesson Learned: Knowledge is Power

His appraisal was $20k lower than the asking price and he got the house – and I never forgot his reasoning, “I can spend $300 today on an appraisal and if I’m right I get the deal I want – If I’m not right I don’t have to waste more time with it.” Such a simple solution to our dilemma!  We decided that if the home was still on the market by the time we got back from our 10-day trip to Florida, I would order my own appraisal for the house.

10 days later, the house was still available.

Next time, we’ll go through the negotiation process and how we ended up selling our home in an hour.  Thanks for tuning in!

David Madaffari