Master Bathroom Addition

The great thing about real estate is that it is always interesting helping people achieve their visions for older homes. Here are new pics of huge master bathroom and closet addition the Grassroots Team has been working on for a client in Baton Rouge. Notice the care taken in removing the bricks from the wall that will be extended. The new bricks to finish the wall can fit the “jigsaw” creating a seamless look when it is complete. THIS is how you do an addition the right way.

20140422_150701 20140422_150714 20140422_150732 20140506_094821 20140506_094829 20140506_094841 Grasstots_Team



David Madaffari, Realtor

Mobile: (225) 772-3283

Jonathan Diez, Realtor

Mobile: (225) 938-4653

Keller Williams Realty First Choice
17111 Commerce Centre Dr.
Prairieville, LA 70769
(225) 744-0044

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