Lunch Break: The Salad Shop

The Salad Shop

11445 Coursey Blvd, Suite C
Baton Rouge, LA 70816

Rating: 4/5

I met one of our lender partners, Corey Kling from Supreme Lending for lunch recently, and on my suggestion of needing something healthy he suggested the Salad Shop. Now, by the name alone you would think that all this place does is specialty salads and a few wraps.

Well, you’re right.

Now, for a meat/potatoes and pizza lovin’ guy like me, the menu certainly presented a challenge to my palate. How do you build an entire restaurant concept from salad?? And yet, after looking at the myriad of incredibly fresh ingredients and an array of sauces I didn’t know even existed, the Salad Shop was the pleasant surprise of the week.

I decided to go with a Fruit Fantastico fresh wrap, in all honesty because I could hold it like a burrito even if it wasn’t going to fool my brain into thinking I was actually eating one. The ingredients on this wrap were incredible: spinach, mandarin oranges (which I LOVE) strawberries, edemame, feta cheese and toasted walnuts. And while I am not a “slop on the ranch” type of person when it comes to salad, I was delighted to see 18 different sauces on the menu that basically ran the gauntlet of flavors you could want on your greens. The recommended sauce for this wrap was raspberry walnut, so I went with their suggestion and it did not disappoint.

So you’re probably saying to yourself, “It’s a salad place, i.e. a healthy eating joint. The portions must be small as well.”


They PACKED this thing until it almost broke open. I took the other half home not because I was trying to be portion-conscious, but literally because I was full after the first half. The crisp spinach and sweet fruit complimented the walnuts and raspberry sauce so well that I completely forgot there was no traditional protein in the wrap. The feta cheese I could probably do without next time, however it did add the hint of saltiness to balance out the wrap.

I am a fan of food and bold ideas, and this one certainly fits the bill on both accounts. This was definitely a memorable experience because the surprisingly delicious food that came out of this daring concept. If you are on Coursey Blvd near lunch time and want to challenge your idea of what lunch can be, definitely stop by the Salad Shop.

David Madaffari
The Grassroots Team @ Keller Williams Realty – First Choice
Mobile: 225.772.3283 (DAVE)
17111 Commerce Centre Dr.
Prairieville, LA 70769


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