Vendor Spotlight: Klean Roof

In this business, the mere *perception* of an issue that doesn’t exist is enough to make or break a a buyer’s decision to offer on a home.   One area I am encountering this issue more often is the cleanliness of a home’s roof.

Simply put, a dirty roof doesn’t look attractive and leads buyers to perceive it that it may be older than it looks.  Even if it is completely intact and has a lot of life left, a dirty roof can make a buyer start thinking of the thousands of dollars they think they’ll have to spend replacing it – even if a roof still has 10+ years left on it.  Don’t let a buyer’s imagination prevent YOUR sale and call my friends at Klean Roof.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 4.10.12 PM.png

I have known owner Savalas Norwood for several years now and have seen his work in action.  It is amazing how good the homes look when they are done.  If you are taking HDR pictures for your listing (as you should!), a clean roof will enhance your home’s appeal, make the listing pictures stand out online, make your home more energy efficient and last longer.

All of these are benefits you can present to your buyers, and removes one more objection along the way to sealing the deal.  The investment is not nearly what you may think, and if you get a sale one mortgage payment quicker, then it has paid for itself right?  Give them a call at 225-308-3707.  Tell them you read it here!



David Madaffari
The Grassroots Team @ Keller Williams Realty – First Choice
Office: 225.744.0044
Mobile: 225.772.3283 (DAVE)
17111 Commerce Centre Dr.
Prairieville, LA 70769

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