Baton Rouge Zip Code Boundaries

&08When searching for a home, starting a with a desired zip code is a good way to start narrowing down your search.  Boundary lines where one ends and the next begins are never obvious though.  While not as nebulous as school district boundaries can be,  Baton Rouge’s zip codes have stayed rather consistent for a long time. Bookmark this page and for your next home search!

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 1.51.33 PM.png
70808 Zip code boundaries

If you are unsure of what zip code a specific subdivision is in, contact us and we’ll be able to help.

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Restaurant Spotlight – Agave Blue

There was a time where the only Mexican I ate was Taco Bell…Terrible, I know.  Since those times I have grown to love Tex-Mex and authentic Mexican food, and it has become the go-to ethnic cuisine when I am out on the road. That’s a pretty bold statement for an Italian guy!

This week I was able to try Prairieville’s newest restaurant, Agave Blue. Practically a walk from our new office, it was only natural that we had to try it as soon as it was open – and after doing so I’m convinced we just need to have a designated Keller Williams table at all times. But how is the food?

Download Menu


Before I can talk about the food, I need to talk about the menu.  And I mean the actual MENU they put in your hands.   A small critique, but for a first impression of a restaurant only open for 2 days I found the background and text color choices a little perplexing.  Sometimes simpler is the way to go, and the dark text on mid-to-dark colors/photo images did not translate from a crisp PDF to the printer. When printed, a lot of contrast was lost so I would suggest a simpler/lighter background for the text.

The atmosphere is very modern with some rustic elements, combining wood and metal accents in all features of the restaurant to create a more contemporary feel but not so much that you feel like you have left the southeast. Being a new restaurant everything was fresh and clean so no complaints in that regard.


Taco Combo – With this plate, you have a choice of several different types of proteins, most of which are some form of pork – Pastor, Barbacoa, Carnitas, Tinga, Cochinta Pibil, Lengua and Al Carbon.  For my 3 tacos I had the Al Carbon, the Pastor and the Barbacoa, and while everything was super fresh (even the tortillas were authentic soft corn tortillas) I could not tell much difference in flavor among the meats.  Whether this was by design or the other toppings overshadowed their flavor, overall they were very lightly seasoned where I was expecting more distinct tastes.  This surprised me a bit, and I want to try them again next time to see if perhaps it was a fluke.

Chimichanga – This was out of this world – I don’t have enough superlatives for it, honestly.   Along with the beans and rice, this entree definitely impressed me on my second visit. The lightly fried tortilla packed with super flavorful chicken and drizzled with queso made my day as well as my night, as I had more than enough to take home for another meal.  The rice is probably the best version of Mexican rice I have had in a restaurant, and the beans were not overly bitter or hot with jalepeno tones.  It will definitely be hard to order something else on my 3rd visit knowing that this is on the menu!

Overall Impression

First rule of real estate – location, location, location.  Agave Blue is in the heart of Prairieville off Airline Highway in a brand new strip mall in the front of our Keller Williams office.  Needless to say I know I’ll be visiting there frequently.  The food is extremely fresh-tasting and my *perception* is that it is a more contemporary take on authentic Mexican dishes.   I am recommending this restaurant to those who want to try these fresher versions of the classics.   Download the menu and check it out!



Condo Bill Moving Forward

A House committee has passed legislation the National Association of Realtors has been pushing for three years. The bill will ease onerous restrictions on condos. Read more.

Speaking of condos, our listing at 3390 Nicholson Dr #C204 near Tiger Stadium has been reduced again to $239,00.  Absolutely fantastic price!  Please share!

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