Ascension Ranked 3rd in State in PARCC Testing | Poll Question

As a father who is staring down KINDERGARTEN next fall, perhaps in East Baton Rouge parish, I have become quite interested in more detail in the education system in our area.   It is such a shame that with such a great example set in neighboring parishes, the East Baton Rouge Parish school system cannot mimic the successes of Ascension and Livingston Parish schools.

Ascension Public Schools Rank 3rd in State on Assessments for Grades 3-8Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 3.44.33 PM

“Because of our commitment to excellence and higher standards, Ascension students remain top performers ranking third among other districts for the percent of students performing in the top two achievement bands, Mastery and Advanced.  This acknowledgment is affirming given our body of work and that PARCC tasks are more challenging than LEAP questions,” said Tuttleton. “We are also looking forward to having the ability to compare our students’ performance to students in other PARCC states.”

Every politician says they are for higher standards and every politician says they are for revamping the school system in Baton Rouge.   Watching the St. George City situation from Ascension, the perception I was given was that the EBR school system administrators would do anything it had to do to keep the status quo rather than address the needs of 1/4 of the parish’s citizens regarding the school system, which was the calling card for the incorporation effort.   I know reality is far more complicated than I could write about (tax bases, school buildings, funding, etc) and ultimately it slid into a smear campaign based on class and race.   In the end, it seems naive to even ask why there was no attempt at a compromise.   Why did it have to go to the point of trying to create a new CITY in order for parents and citizens to have more control of their school system?

I’m asking the same questions everyone with children is asking, but I’d like some discussion: What will it take for citizens to hold elected officials accountable to the standards they need to be held to when we have entrusted them to educate our kids? 

– David


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