Slow Down, Hoss….Ascension Needs a Breather

This Letter to the Editor in the Pelican Post raises great concern and provides valid arguments to slowing the growth and development in Ascension Parish.  With the rubber-stamp approvals of all new developments, Ascension has become the wild west in new home development.

I tend to agree with the writer – Ascension is lagging in infrastructure to handle all of these new developments.  Not mentioned among the issues raised in the article was the potential for market over-saturation and perhaps a detrimental affect on existing home prices, which we are starting to see a little bit of already.

Letter toThe Editor
Is Ascension Growing Too Fast? – Letter to the Editor

Below is an excerpt from the letter of the approved and planned subdivisions around the Parish:

Subdivisions already approved in Northern part of the parish:

Oakland Crossing Subdivision = 92 new homes.  This subdivision connects to Oakland Drive with only two options to exit, onto Jefferson Hwy or through John Broussard Road onto Hwy 42.

Silver Oaks (Airline and Germany Road) = 280 units (a PUD that contains an extra 36 lots for a total of 316 housing units), or another 632 additional cars.

Bullion Crossing (on the Airline) = 45 lots with 90 additional cars.

The Shadows of Manchac (2nd filing; intersection of McCroy 1 Road and McCroy 2 Road) =  96 lots and a total of 192 more cars.

Subdivisions currently on the Planning Commission’s agenda for approval:

The Meadows at Oak Grove  (corner of John Broussard and Hwy. 42) = 212 single family dwellings that will add 424 more cars exiting onto Hwy 42.

Hidden Farms  (end of Brown Rd., off Jefferson Hwy) = 142 homes that will add 284 cars exiting onto Jefferson Hwy.

Oaks on the Bluff (Phase 3; east side of Bluff Rd.) = 53 homes and another 106 cars

The Hollows at Dutchtown (a subdivision off Hwy. 73) = 200 more houses and another 400 more cars added to traffic on Hwy. 73 that was just widened!  Oh, and let’s not forget the school planned across the road from The Hollows at Dutchtown and the added massive traffic it will bring (school buses, drop offs, etc.)!!

Dutchtown Property – Newest Application presented to the Planning and Zoning Dept. with Entry/Exit off Hwy 73 between I-10 and Hwy 74.  283 homes (stacked like sardines) adds 566 more cars to an over-crowded Hwy 73, more children to overcrowded schools, a waste water treatment plant and drainage problems!!!!!

What do you think?  Comment below or on our Facebook page!

– David

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