Subdivision names – Running out of ideas?

This is a lighter topic I like to ponder from time to time – but have you noticed all the subdivisions with similar words or names in them??  I know that all of this is based on years of marketing research and indeed some words exude more appeal and value than others in our area- hill, estate, lake, shadow, stone, ridge, etc.   But it’s a little funny when you think about the subdivision names and really see if they mean anything at all. For example:

  • Shadows at Manchac – Not even near Bayou Manchac and the only “shadows” are from the bulldozers and backhoes clearing the land.
  • The Lake at White Oak – it’s actually TWO lakes. Perhaps it should be the LAKES at White Oak?
  • The Estates at Worthington Lake – When I think “estates” I think big lots and grand houses – this neighborhood is 1400-1800 single family starter homes on Staring Ln.
  • Shadows of Ascension – Again, the only shadows come from the 300 homes – with more to come!
  • Stone Hill – the last hill of stone I saw was in Connecticut two weeks ago.  We don’t have many here in Louisiana…

I did a search for some of the most popular FIRST words in subdivision names in our MLS and these were pretty interesting:

  • “Lake” – 48 subdivisions.
  • “Lakes” – 23 subdivisions.  Combine them both and you get 72 neighborhoods!
  • “Shadows” – 5 subdivisions.  They are about 10 more with “Shadows” in the name somewhere
  • “Stone” – 15 Subdivisions

These words are obvious subconscious triggers of value in buyers’ minds – so we keep naming new neighborhoods with these words.  I also find a lot of “Crossings”, “Hills”, “Oaks” (especially if there are NO oaks in the area), and “Ridges”.  I don’t know what I find more fascinating – the fact that buyers home purchases can be swayed by simple word choices, or that marketing research has spent years to prove this!

David R. Madaffari, Realtor
Keller Williams Realty – First Choice
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