Rear Carports – Why So Scarce?

Understatement of the year – I love rear carports.

Whenever I meet new clients and ask about their housing needs, one of the first questions I ask is, “Do you prefer a carport/garage in the rear or in front?”  This question throws some of them off because it’s not something they really consider when trying to figure out everything else they want in a home.  I don’t blame them – all the new construction these days puts the garage in front, either facing the street or on a J-turn, and that’s sort of become the expectation.  But a rear carport/garage offers so much more to the home than just a place to park your car:


  • Privacy – no one can see your car or your garage from the street, even if the door is open, when it is in the rear.
  • Lot Space – Running the driveway down the side of the house to get to the back naturally creates more space between you and your neighbor.  Do you really want to see in their windows??
  • Play Area – That extra driveway is just another play area for children to draw, play basketball or ride bikes.  Gating the driveway also gives more boundaries for play as well.
  • Entertainment – The rear carport with an open back becomes your personal entertainment space.   This is the biggest reason why I love rear carports, and is one that is usually not a thought to homebuyers who do not consider it.  If you like to entertain outside and do not have a big porch, the covered area in the carport is your savior.

I honestly don’t know what I would have done for kids’ birthdays and home football tailgates without my carport being there.  Sadly, builders have shied away from this idea in order to fit more houses onto smaller lots.   To get a rear carport today you’ll have to build it custom – or a local builder or developer will have to include them  in their plans for a subdivision.  Either way, I think the extra thought and cost associated with it go a LONG way for a more functional home.


David R. Madaffari, Realtor
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