The City of St. George Gathers more steam

Today I am featuring the website of the proposed new city in East Baton Rouge Parish, the City of St. George.  This new city would be formed from the southern, unincorporated parts of the parish in much the same way that Central incorporated 10 years ago.

The City of St. George, LA.

The proposed city was born out of frustration that a new school district was not granted to the area by the legislature.  After this denial, the residents of this area turned to the state’s procedures for incorporating an entire city in order to achieve their new school district.  With a goal of getting 18,000 signatures on the petition to incorporate, they are roughly 25% of the way there with more petition signing events planned.

If you or someone you know resides in the area described via the map on the website, this is a great chance to learn more about the proposal.

Many opponents say this effort is designed to tear apart the city of Baton Rouge and has more socio-economic underpinnings rather than an altruistic attempt to better the local schools.  So the Questions of the Day are:  

  1. At what point (and size) should a group of citizens be allowed to form their own local governments to reach their own common goals?
  2. Does the state or city government have a right to deny said group of citizens from forming their own local municipality if it is the “will of the people”?

– David Madaffari


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